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Human Resources Philosophy


Suitability is when the right person does the right thing. We are required to achieve the matching of personnel and positions, the matching of personnel and responsibilities, and make the best use of their talents. On this basis, gradually improve the scientific assessment and evaluation system with competency as the main content, evaluate talents objectively and fairly, allocate talents scientifically and reasonably, maximize the potential of talents, and achieve the optimization of the company's human resource value.

Performance First

Performance is a prerequisite for assessing the contribution of employees to the enterprise and an important criterion for measuring talent. Excellent talents must first be able to create wealth for the company and continuously create high performance in their positions. We advocate that performance is the basis for employee compensation, promotion, relocation, training, and rewards and punishments, and excellent performance will be recognized and rewarded in a timely manner.

Fair Competition

We adhere to the principle of salary marketization, taking into account internal and external fairness, and strive to create a dynamic employment mechanism and a fair competition environment of "The capable go up, the average give way, and the mediocre go down". We continuously improve internal job competition, external talent introduction, reserve talent cultivation, and proactive personnel allocation, and continuously improve the talent competition mechanism to promote outstanding talents to stand out.

Long-term Incentives

We achieve the long-term effectiveness of the incentive system through equity incentives, corporate pension system, and supplementary commercial medical insurance, in order to attract and retain outstanding talents, and establish a diversified incentive mechanism. We attach importance to the long-term development of employees within the company, achieve the retention of benefits, emotions, and career, and stimulate employees' creativity and initiative.

Career Development

The job rank is a level system set based on job categories, job responsibilities, job values, and the abilities and performance of the employees.

Job rank is an important channel for employees' career development. With the improvement of personal abilities and performance, and the increase of responsibility, employees can obtain job rank promotion.

Employees with professional strength, regardless of whether they hold management positions or not, still have a "future" and "money path".

Development Concept

The position and rank system provides employees with broad career development space


We provide employees with a multi-path career development platform through a job competition system.

In case of any vacancy, it will be given priority to employees by competition. Employees will participate in the competition on an equal basis according to job requirements and personal career development.


Internal competition has achieved a harmonious unity between the scientific allocation of human resources in our company and the development of employees themselves.

A well-structured training system

Concept: Learning organization, learning employees

Creating a favorable environment for talent development

We provide a comprehensive compensation plan that focuses on providing comprehensive protection for employees and attracting and retaining talents.

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