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GRJS-6030 Pump Station/Gate Integrated Automatic Control System

GRJS-6030 pumping station/gate integrated automation control system adopts object-oriented visual configuration technology, combined with related technologies based on the Internet of Things, to achieve functions such as data collection, centralized monitoring, automatic control, protection, information exchange, fault diagnosis, and information management of all equipment of the entire station. The system is suitable for protection, automatic monitoring and modern management of large and medium-sized irrigation and drainage pumping stations as well as industrial and urban water supply pumping stations.

GRJS-6031 Water Conservancy Information System

GRJS-6031 water conservancy information system is based on technologies such as GIS geographic information, video monitoring, sensors, automation, and the Internet of Things. It collects real-time data on water and rain conditions, engineering conditions, water levels, flows, water quality, safety, and other aspects, achieving functions such as gate monitoring, water and rain monitoring, dam safety monitoring, water quality monitoring, and flood forecasting, helping to efficiently utilize water resources and improving the modern management level of reservoirs.

GRJS-6032 Beautiful Village Management Platform

GRJS-6032 beautiful village smart management platform uses advanced information technologies such as Internet of Things perception, sharing exchange and security grid management to achieve the improvement of grass-roots emergency response ability, rural risk prevention ability and grass-roots management ability, and promotes the construction of beautiful villages through multidimensional duty, integrated platform and integrated monitoring station.
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