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Training plan and measures

Guangrun holds training courses from time to time, and we have a special training department and experienced training instructors. We always regard user training as a very important task, because only by training users well and enabling them to truly understand and master the various functions and technologies of the system equipment can the whole system play a better role for our users. Therefore, we will provide comprehensive training for the operation and maintenance personnel of users and provide all training materials.


Factory training

Factory training mainly includes lectures and hands-on practice. The training objects are user operation and maintenance personnel and operation duty personnel. The training is given by experienced computer professional teachers and senior technicians of integrated automation systems. The content includes hardware systems, operating systems, system management and maintenance, network communication, functional software and processes of each part, main station maintenance, LCU maintenance, UPS maintenance, high-frequency DC power supply system, microcomputer protection, excitation system, microcomputer governor system maintenance, and switchgear maintenance. The training time is 5~7 days, and a test will be conducted after the training is completed.

On-site training

After the equipment is installed and commissioned on site, our technical personnel will conduct technical disclosure and necessary operation, maintenance and modification training. The training is mainly for on-site explanations combined with the specific application of the product.


Operational training

After the system has been in operation for three months, we will dispatch professional technicians to conduct user follow-up visits and provide answers and training over the clients' problems in the actual use of the equipment.


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