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GRJS-6002 Industrial DCS Control System

GRJS-6002 industrial DCS control system is a multi-level computer system composed of process control level and process monitoring level with communication network as the link, integrating computer, communication, display and control 4C technology, its basic idea is decentralized control, centralized operation, hierarchical management, flexible configuration and convenient configuration. The system mainly uses the decentralized control system of factories, mines, thermal power, etc., as the control, measurement, monitoring of the distributed system, and has the interface to communicate with the dispatching center, to complete the functions of telemetry, remote communication, remote control, remote adjustment and so on.

GRJS-6004 Integrated Automation Control System for Pharmaceutical Industry

GRJS-6004 pharmaceutical industry integrated automation control system mainly includes warehouse management, production management, production control, quality inspection functions, etc.. It can be widely used in the pharmaceutical field automation control.

GRJS-6016 Hydraulic Valve Control System

GRJS-6016 hydraulic valve control system is mainly for hydraulic control butterfly valve, gate valve and ball valve. When the valve is opened, the pressure stored by the accumulator and the high pressure oil generated by the motor pump are supplied at the same time. The crank is pushed by the hydraulic cylinder to open the valve, and the pressure is maintained by the hydraulic lock and the accumulator. When the system pressure drops to the set oil pressure low point, the motor starts to supplement the pressure to the set oil pressure high point, the motor stops, and the system enters the pressure hold state to prevent valve action. The heavy-container-type-closing-valve is realized by the falling of the heavy container. It is equipped with a fast and slow closing function. The energy storage type switching valve is operated by the cooperation of the accumulator and the motor. The hydraulic control device has local and remote operation functions, and it can achieve automatic linkage control.
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