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GRJS-100 Digital Measurement and Control Meter

GRJS-100 series digital measurement and control meter is a multifunctional digital measurement and control meter that integrates measurement, display, digital communication, and energy pulse output. It can complete electricity measurement, energy metering, data display, collection, and transmission, and can be widely used in substation automation, distribution automation, intelligent buildings, and internal energy measurement, management, and assessment of enterprises.

GRJS-100 Transmitter

By collecting the terminal voltage of the machine, measuring the frequency of the unit, and then converting the frequency of the unit into a pulse signal and outputting it to the PLC, through PLC logic programming, any wheel speed signal can be output as the start-up and stop control conditions of the generator.

GRJS-COM Communication Management Machine (A/B/C/D)

GRJS-COM series communication management unit, also known as DPU, has multiple downlink communication interfaces and one or two uplink network interfaces, equivalent to a front-end computer, which is a monitoring computer. It is used to organize and summarize the communication data of all intelligent monitoring/protection devices in a substation, and then transmit it in real-time to the higher-level main station system(monitoring center backend machine and DCS) to complete remote signaling and telemetry functions. The communication management machine is an important part of the power transformation and distribution automation system, which completes the information exchange between intelligent electronic devices such as substation microcomputer protection, automatic devices, measurement and control, and the substation main computer system and power grid automation system. It achieves the exchange and network conversion of information from each remote power station to the upper main computer, thus forming a fully decentralized RTU communication system. It is mainly used for industrial equipment networking, energy management, power data collection protocol conversion, communication server, and dispatching server.

GRJS-DC Microcomputer DC System

The design of the GRJS-DC DC system microcomputer high-frequency switch power supply panel follows the technical standards of the Ministry of Electric Power DL/T 459- "DL/T724-2000", DL/T781-2001, and JB/T 5777.4-2000, and it can reliably meet the power supply requirements of the DC control power supply and high and low voltage switch opening and closing under normal or abnormal conditions of the power generation and distribution system. It is suitable for thermal power plants, hydropower stations, substations, switch stations, pump stations, industrial and mining, petrochemical, railway and other fields, as an operation and control power supply for power system circuit breakers, automation equipment, and emergency lighting power supply. It can also be applied to all other places that require DC uninterrupted power supply.

GRJS-T Temperature Measurement and Control/Inspection Instrument

GRJS-T intelligent temperature measurement and control/inspection instrument adopts 32-bit microprocessor, digital processing technology, with single or multi-channel temperature detection function, Cu50/Pt100 can be set, which can be used for temperature detection and alarm of hydropower stations, pumping stations, substations, etc. The device adopts Modbus RTU communication protocol and RS-485 communication interface. This series of instruments has a strong versatility, the user can set various types of thermal resistance. This series of instruments also has dual alarm + power off alarm + sensor open alarm function. The alarm control logic can be set by the user, the two alarm values of each channel can be set separately, and the instrument provides each alarm indicator light and alarm relay contact output.

GRJS-S Speed Measurement and Control Instrument

The speed measurement and control device is a specialized instrument for hydropower stations. It adopts a 32-bit microprocessor and digital processing technology to monitor the speed of water turbine generator units or motors in real-time. This device can connect external speed pulse sensors or voltage transformer signals, and output switch signals and analog signals corresponding to the unit speed at each speed point of the unit, serving automatic startup, shutdown, and power plant monitoring systems; it can also be set in 8 speed alarm outputs, as well as 8 speed outlet values on site, with 4-20mA transmission output function. The device adopts Modbus RTU communication protocol and RS-485 communication interface.
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