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Transformers and Outdoor Equipment


Transformers and outdoor equipment


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♦ 110kV oil-immersed power transformer

♦ 35kV oil-immersed power transformer

♦ S11-M, S13-M series oil-immersed fully sealed distribution transformers

♦ S11-M series three-phase double-winding non-excitation induction voltage regulation 20kV distribution transformer

♦ S11-MR, S13-MR series coil core oil-immersed fully sealed distribution transformer

♦ SBH15-M-630 amorphous alloy transformer

♦ F class resin cast dry type transformer

♦ H class resin cast dry transformer

♦ S11-M.D series underground distribution transformer

♦ Electric furnace transformer

♦ Rectifier transformer

♦ ZW32 outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

♦ 7W7-40.5 outdoor high voltage circuit breaker

♦ GW series outdoor isolation switch

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