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We have a professional and experienced after-sales team and provide monthly/yearly equipment maintenance on-site services.

◆ Our company strictly follows the contract requirements and provides products that meet design standards and meet quality standards.

◆ Our company guarantees that the purchased equipment is brand new and unused, and meets the provisions and requirements of the contract in terms of quality and performance.

◆ Our company will strictly inspect the equipment in accordance with the requirements of the ISO9001 quality system. If any quality problems are found, they will be immediately replaced.

◆ When ordering equipment, if there is a device with better performance within the original price range, order a product with better performance.

◆ Do a good job in the management of engineering and technical archives, ensuring that the engineering and technical materials are true, complete, timely, standardized, and controlled, and that their organization and archiving are synchronized with the project progress. Resolutely implement the ISO9001 quality policy.

◆ Single machine inspection. For each single machine equipment purchased, strict incoming inspection shall be carried out one by one, including equipment parameter inspection, functional inspection, etc; For major equipment, perform temperature and humidity adaptability function spot checks.

◆ System joint debugging and testing. For system type factory equipment, it is necessary to conduct system joint debugging testing, simulate the on-site working environment, understand the operation of the system, in order to discover problems that cannot be detected by single machine equipment debugging, try to solve possible problems in the system as much as possible before the equipment leaves the factory, and achieve the purpose of checking the coordination and cooperation ability of each equipment.

◆ After the joint debugging and testing, conduct at least 100 hours of room temperature electrification aging test. After passing the debugging and retesting, conduct the final inspection. Only after all are qualified can the factory be shipped.

◆ Timely report the quality defects of key components in the equipment manufacturing process to the purchaser. If the equipment defects exceed the standards specified in the contract, they will be repaired or replaced unconditionally. During the installation and trial operation process, if there are quality issues, they should be dealt with first, and responsibilities should be clarified.
◆  Everything should be based on meeting the needs of the project schedule.

We have a professional and experienced after-sales team and provide monthly/yearly equipment maintenance on-site services.

◆Our company strictly complies with the bidding documents and contract requirements, and provides relevant equipment drawings and technical data on time.

◆If the buyer requests to add functions not mentioned in the bidding document, there will be no additional cost without adding hardware and software development.

◆According to the contract requirements, prepare various documents and materials for the design liaison meeting, organize the design liaison meeting, and prepare the minutes of the design liaison meeting.

◆Provide on-site installation guidance, commissioning, and safety supervision for 72 hours according to user needs.

◆Work closely with other suppliers to complete the communication interface debugging of the system.

◆To ensure system maintenance, remote diagnostic services are provided. Our company's maintenance engineers can perform remote diagnosis and file transfer in Changsha.

◆If the equipment malfunctions during operation and the supplier cannot eliminate the fault within 2 hours after receiving notification from the user through remote diagnosis, they will arrive at the site 24 hours without affecting the user's power generation.

◆Provide a set of spare parts randomly, which can be replaced with the original parts and properly packaged for long-term storage under on-site conditions. After the warranty period, we will continue to provide spare parts support and long-term, friendly technical services to users. The guaranteed supply period of spare parts is 20 years, and the price range of spare parts is 10%.◆

◆Provide free training to 3-5 operation and maintenance personnel until they are proficient. If the system maintenance personnel are updated, they can be sent to our company again for technical training.

Regularly, the Quality Management Department solicits users' opinions on system operation, and promptly responds and handles them.

◆ Software is upgraded for free for life.

Provide a set of backup software for free.

Provide free technical consultation.

◆ Fax number: +86-731-89902625.

24-hour after-sales service hotline: +86-19974816888 Manager Fu

We have a professional and experienced after-sales team and provide monthly/yearly equipment maintenance on-site services.

◆The system warranty period is one year. One year warranty, lifelong maintenance (the warranty period for purchased large equipment shall be based on the warranty period of the original manufacturer, and the warranty responsibility shall be borne by the supplier).

◆During the warranty period, hardware damage will be replaced and repaired free of charge. If hardware damage is caused by user responsibility, only hardware fees will be charged.

◆During the warranty period, software or system defects are maintained and repaired for free.

We have a professional and experienced after-sales team and provide monthly/yearly equipment maintenance on-site services.

◆Provide lifelong service for system hardware and software, only charging cost fees.

◆Provide long-term spare parts and high-quality technical services for system equipment.

◆On the premise that the monitoring system equipment and capacity of the power station meet the requirements, software upgrades are provided for free.

◆When there is a malfunction in the system operation, solve the problem in a timely manner through remote diagnosis.

◆Provide long-term free technical consultation, warmly receive and handle user questions with care. Respond promptly to user calls and letters.

◆Regularly visit users to understand and monitor system operation, and assist them in daily maintenance work.

◆The Quality Management Department regularly calls to solicit users' opinions on system operation.

◆Provide comprehensive technical training for users. If the user's system maintenance personnel are updated, personnel can be sent to Changsha to participate in the technical training again. ◆After the warranty period, invite the buyer to participate in the learning and training organized by our company, and provide training on new technologies for users.

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