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GRJS-6005 Teaching Simulation Training System

GRJS-6005 teaching simulation training system is an intelligent training device, simulation software, and system product independently developed by our company based on the requirements of national higher education, vocational education, training institutions, and basic education for teaching instrument equipment standards, combined with our company's years of experience in automation equipment research and development, using computer technology, communication technology, cloud platform, big data and other technologies, for power systems, electrical and electronic fields, as well as mechanical fields. This series of products is based on actual equipment and combined with our company's training materials, which are vivid and easy to understand. They can integrate various professional knowledge learned by the trainees into practice, greatly improving their practical engineering awareness, analysis and problem-solving abilities.

GRJS-6012 Machine Tool Electrical Training Simulation Software

The training software developed according to the machine tool equipment listed in the teaching plan and syllabus of electrical automation and related majors in vocational colleges and social training institutions, using interactive animation technology, can better help students understand and master the electrical principles of each machine tool.

GRJS-6013 Industry 4.0 Simulation Training Management Software

The industrial smart manufacturing training system uses a small flexible manufacturing system as a carrier, allowing students to easily master industrial 6-axis robot loading and unloading and CNC machine tools to form a flexible processing production system, which can meet students' needs for learning and operating industrial robots. By learning and training of this system, students will have a comprehensive understanding and experience of the overall application of intelligent production and unmanned factories.

GRJS-6014 Microgrid Automation Control System

GRJS-6014 microgrid automation control system is mainly for real-time comprehensive monitoring of the distributed power generation, energy storage devices and load status inside the microgrid. During microgrid grid-connected operation, off-grid operation and state switching, according to the characteristics of power supply and load, the distributed generation, energy storage device and load energy are optimally controlled to achieve the safe, stable and economical operation of the micro-grid, and improve the energy utilization efficiency of the micro-grid.
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