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GRJS-6010 Dispatching and Monitoring Automation System

GRJS-6010 dispatching and monitoring automation system is based on the technical requirements of international and domestic dispatching automation systems, with the design principle of hardware platform, software platform modularization and function customization. It’s a new generation of dispatching automation system designed and developed by adopting object-oriented technology, component technology, database technology, heterogeneous platform technology, WEB technology, and the latest industry technical specifications.

GRJS-6011 Centralized Control Integrated Automation System

Centralized monitoring software can carry out unified planning for computer monitoring system, power dispatching system, office area construction and other aspects, centralize various decentralized systems for effective resource integration, improve the work efficiency of personnel, and greatly reduce production management costs. It plays a positive role in the economic operation management, equipment working condition management and real-time monitoring management of the power station, ensuring the economic production of the power station and the complete operation of the equipment, and providing a scientific basis for enterprise decision-making.
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