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GRJS-COM Communication Management Machine A/B/C/D

GRJS-COM Communication Management Machine (A/B/C/D)

GRJS-COM series communication management unit, also known as DPU, has multiple downlink communication interfaces and one or two uplink network interfaces, equivalent to a front-end computer, which is a monitoring computer. It is used to organize and summarize the communication data of all intelligent monitoring/protection devices in a substation, and then transmit it in real-time to the higher-level main station system(monitoring center backend machine and DCS) to complete remote signaling and telemetry functions. The communication management machine is an important part of the power transformation and distribution automation system, which completes the information exchange between intelligent electronic devices such as substation microcomputer protection, automatic devices, measurement and control, and the substation main computer system and power grid automation system. It achieves the exchange and network conversion of information from each remote power station to the upper main computer, thus forming a fully decentralized RTU communication system. It is mainly used for industrial equipment networking, energy management, power data collection protocol conversion, communication server, and dispatching server.
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