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GRJS-DC Microcomputer DC System

GRJS-DC Microcomputer DC System

The design of the GRJS-DC DC system microcomputer high-frequency switch power supply panel follows the technical standards of the Ministry of Electric Power DL/T 459- "DL/T724-2000", DL/T781-2001, and JB/T 5777.4-2000, and it can reliably meet the power supply requirements of the DC control power supply and high and low voltage switch opening and closing under normal or abnormal conditions of the power generation and distribution system. It is suitable for thermal power plants, hydropower stations, substations, switch stations, pump stations, industrial and mining, petrochemical, railway and other fields, as an operation and control power supply for power system circuit breakers, automation equipment, and emergency lighting power supply. It can also be applied to all other places that require DC uninterrupted power supply.
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