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Guangrun Group - Annual Summary and Commendation Conference



On February 3, 2024, Guangrun Group held the 2023 annual summary and commendation conference. This conference commended the top, second, and third place sales in 2023, outstanding newcomers in 2023, model workers in 2023, and dedicated employees in 2023!

Mr. Zhang Feng, Executive Director of the company, delivered a leadership speech, looking back on the past, nurturing achievements with sweat, looking forward to the future, and striving to create brilliance. The company will lead us to continuously explore, climb new heights, and achieve new success. Mr. Zhang's speech pays high respect to all the employees who have worked hard and affirms everyone's efforts and support over the past year, which has boosted everyone's confidence and morale!

After the meeting, we will conduct a lucky draw and present prizes!

The meeting has come to an end in the host's New Year's message. We will gather all our energy, simplify complexity, and make the road open!


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