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2024 Fire Knowledge Training and Drills



    Our company jointly conducted a fire drill with Yuanfeng Property and Jinxiu Community in Lugu Street on April 22, 2024.

    This fire drill aims to enhance the fire awareness of all employees in the company, enhance their self rescue and ability development in fire safety, enhance life education, and enhance their awareness of fire safety prevention. The company leadership attaches great importance to the implementation of this event and actively cooperates with community and property leaders. Carefully prepared with the property management: A fire drill plan has been developed for this fire drill. We have prepared relevant fire drill materials, clarified relevant routes, and requested that relevant road control and floor fire alarm measures be implemented. Strict deployment: A detailed organizational structure has been developed for this fire drill, clarifying the job responsibilities of the overall commander, drill team, evacuation team, search and rescue team, etc.

    Firstly, we gathered together and conducted theoretical knowledge training according to the predetermined plan. Mr. Li, a fire protection professional, vividly explained the knowledge of fire extinguishers and provided explanations on various fire incidents and fire videos that occurred in reality. We adopted a question and answer format to enhance the participation enthusiasm of all staff. I demonstrated my understanding and use of various fire-fighting equipment on site. Teacher Li also carefully commented on the fire safety issues encountered by employees in their daily lives, the measures taken, and the precautions to be taken.。

    Next, a "smoke and fire escape skill drill" and practical fire extinguishing actions were carried out. All staff actively and enthusiastically participated in the smoke and fire escape skill drill, and actually operated the fire extinguishing action, greatly improving their fire safety awareness and escape skills. As the thick smoke rose, with a command, all employees of the company quickly evacuated from the fire escape passage. They all had serious expressions, covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, and quickly and orderly evacuated the "fire" scene from the passage. After evacuating to a safe area, they quickly gathered and counted personnel from various departments. The inter operation fire extinguishing operation was carefully prepared by the staff of Yuanfeng Property for the enterprise, leading everyone to carry out multiple rounds of fire extinguishing operations. Everyone was enthusiastic, holding fire extinguishers, aiming at the fire source, performing precise operations, gaining exercise, mastering fire extinguishing skills, and adding a safety valve to life and property!

    Finally, all employees of the company took a group photo with staff from Yuanfeng Property and Jinxiu Community in Lugu Street.

    This drill makes everyone more clear about what everyone should do in the event of a fire, how to alarm correctly, how to correctly extinguish and self rescue, how to quickly escape, etc. During the drill, everyone showed a serious attitude, united and cooperated closely. By centralized drills, everyone gained practical experience and focused on safety and fire prevention work.


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