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GRJS-6000 Hydropower Station/Substation/Photovoltaic/Wind Power Microcomputer Protection Measurement and Control Integrated Automation System

GRJS-6000 microcomputer protection measurement and control integrated automation system includes hydropower station, substation, power distribution room and pumping station control system. The system is mainly composed of computer monitoring, microcomputer protection, PLC control system, microcomputer excitation, microcomputer governor and power supply, etc.. It is used for protection, control, measurement and monitoring of hydropower stations, substations, power distribution rooms, and pump stations. It also has an interface for communicating with the dispatching center to complete functions such as telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, and remote adjustment.

GRJS-6003 Remote Monitoring System

GRJS-6003 Remote monitoring system is an open monitoring data management platform based on cloud data technology. The purpose of the cloud data platform is to enable users to monitor the operation status of the power station at any time and anywhere, and to control the power station if necessary.

GRJS-6007 Series Low Voltage Unit Integrated Intelligent Panel

GRJS-6007 low-voltage unit integrated intelligent control panel is specially designed for low-voltage hydropower stations, which integrates generator protection, excitation system, speed control, automatic quasi-synchronization, sequence control, temperature inspection, automatic economic power generation, metering, monitoring instruments, intelligent diagnosis, remote interaction, safety warning and other functions in one. It is suitable for small hydropower plants with low voltage of 400V and single unit capacity of 1000kW and below. The system is designed according to the principle of "no one on duty, few on duty". It has the functions of fully automatic start and stop, automatic power generation and operation according to the given load and water level, and can meet the requirements of economic operation of the unit and unmanned duty function of the hydropower station.

GRJS-6008 Series Microcomputer Excitation System

GRJS-6008 excitation controller uses a 32-bit microprocessor as the control core. When used as an excitation system control, it has the advantages of fast calculation speed, high adjustment accuracy, stable and reliable operation, etc.. It is applicable to generator sets of 10MW and below. The device is easy to operate and has multiple protection functions, it can meet the operation requirements of generator stand-alone, grid-connected, etc., and it is an ideal excitation control and adjustment device for generator sets.

GRJS-6009 Series Microcomputer Speed Control System

GRJS-6009 series microcomputer governor adopts digital control technology, hydraulic integration technology and standard hydraulic components design. It suitable for regulation and control of turbine generator set. The core components of the electrical regulator adopt highly reliable programmable controller, Chinese display screen and related modules; the electro-hydraulic conversion uses standard hydraulic components. The product has high reliability and strong versatility. The speed control system adopts adaptive variable structure, variable parameter parallel adjustment mode PID and PWM pulse width modulation, and it has strong self-diagnosis, error prevention, error tolerance, error correction and other protection functions. The display screen with good man-machine interface makes the operation more convenient and intuitive.

GRJS-6020 DCS Control System for Central Heating

GRJS-6020 central heating DCS control system adopts dual-network redundancy configuration, which divides the real-time database and non-real-time database to ensure the effectiveness and stability of real-time communication network data, reduce network load, and avoid network storms. The module has strong anti-interference ability, it is easy to expand and disperse layout, and it is conducive to saving the investment of cables and trays. It provides overall solutions for electricity, control and instrument for various heat sources such as thermal power plants, steam boiler rooms, hot water boiler rooms, industrial waste heat, and geothermal water heating, etc., and it also provides comprehensive integrated services such as program design, product integration, commissioning service and after-sales maintenance.

GRJS-6021 Energy Management System

GRJS-6021 energy management system conducts data analysis, equipment monitoring, report management, energy-saving diagnosis, energy-saving control, etc. by data collection of water, electricity, gas, cooling, and heat, etc., to fully grasp the energy consumption situation, reduce operating costs, and improve the refinement of energy efficiency management.

GRJS-6001 Tap Water/Sewage Integrated Automatic Control System

GRJS-6001 tap water/sewage integrated automatic control system is mainly used in sewage treatment, waterworks and water supply dispatching information system. The system is composed of computer monitoring, microcomputer protection, process control system and power supply system, which is used for protection, control, measurement and monitoring of water treatment system, and it has the interface for communication with dispatching center, and completes the functions of telemetry, remote communication, remote control and remote adjustment.

GRJS-6030 Pump Station/Gate Integrated Automatic Control System

GRJS-6030 pumping station/gate integrated automation control system adopts object-oriented visual configuration technology, combined with related technologies based on the Internet of Things, to achieve functions such as data collection, centralized monitoring, automatic control, protection, information exchange, fault diagnosis, and information management of all equipment of the entire station. The system is suitable for protection, automatic monitoring and modern management of large and medium-sized irrigation and drainage pumping stations as well as industrial and urban water supply pumping stations.

GRJS-6031 Water Conservancy Information System

GRJS-6031 water conservancy information system is based on technologies such as GIS geographic information, video monitoring, sensors, automation, and the Internet of Things. It collects real-time data on water and rain conditions, engineering conditions, water levels, flows, water quality, safety, and other aspects, achieving functions such as gate monitoring, water and rain monitoring, dam safety monitoring, water quality monitoring, and flood forecasting, helping to efficiently utilize water resources and improving the modern management level of reservoirs.

GRJS-6032 Beautiful Village Management Platform

GRJS-6032 beautiful village smart management platform uses advanced information technologies such as Internet of Things perception, sharing exchange and security grid management to achieve the improvement of grass-roots emergency response ability, rural risk prevention ability and grass-roots management ability, and promotes the construction of beautiful villages through multidimensional duty, integrated platform and integrated monitoring station.

GRJS-6002 Industrial DCS Control System

GRJS-6002 industrial DCS control system is a multi-level computer system composed of process control level and process monitoring level with communication network as the link, integrating computer, communication, display and control 4C technology, its basic idea is decentralized control, centralized operation, hierarchical management, flexible configuration and convenient configuration. The system mainly uses the decentralized control system of factories, mines, thermal power, etc., as the control, measurement, monitoring of the distributed system, and has the interface to communicate with the dispatching center, to complete the functions of telemetry, remote communication, remote control, remote adjustment and so on.
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