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Deepening international cooperation, Guangrun Electrical welcomes French customers for visiting and inspection!



  Recently, French client Mr. André Fillet and our company's partners jointly visited  for inspection and work guidance.

  The main purpose of this inspection is to deepen international cooperation, conduct further technical analysis on international cooperation projects, and lay a solid foundation for further development in the future.

  We had in-depth communication and understanding about the workshop visit and our company's self-developed equipments as well as in-depth discussions with multiple parties on our company's product technology, quality control, and other aspects, the clients highly praised our company for both products and service.

   At the negotiation meeting, all parties engaged in detailed communication and in-depth discussions on project technical issues and related situations on site.

  Chairman Mr. Zhou Yuejun and General Manager Mr. Zhang Feng warmly welcome the arrival of Mr. André and our partners. Our company adheres to the concept of "quality first, customer first" and continuously improves product quality and service level. Mr. André and our partners deeply recognized our company's technical strength and looked forward to working together to carry out in-depth cooperation on domestic and international markets, and jointly explore domestic and international markets!


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