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Design Liaison Meeting for Beikou Reservoir in Yubei District(Chongqing)



First Design Liaison Meeting for Electrical Secondary Equipment of Beikou Reservoir in Yubei District! The focus of this meeting is to have a comprehensive and detailed communication and discussion on the quality, manufacturing process, design points, supply requirements, and other aspects of electrical secondary equipment, and to implement them effectively.

    Beikou Reservoir in Yubei District(Chongqing) is one of the key projects in the "Key Water Source Engineering Construction Plan of the Five Southwest Provinces" and the "Three Year Action Plan for Chongqing Water Source Engineering Construction". Beikou Reservoir is an infrastructure construction improvement action plan project in the "Eight Action Plans" implemented by Chongqing, and also one of the Yubei District Rural Revitalization Strategy Action Plan projects. As the electrical secondary equipment supplier of this project, our company will fulfill our responsibilities to ensure the smooth and high-quality completion of the project.
    The first design liaison meeting of this project was held in our company, with the participation of experts and representatives from Chongqing Yubei Urban Renewal and Construction Co., Ltd., Zhejiang First Hydropower Construction Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Water Resources and Electric Power Building Survey and Design Research Institute Co., Ltd., Chongqing Qi'ao Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., and our company. The meeting focused on communicating and understanding the quality of electrical secondary equipment, manufacturing technology, design points, supply requirements, and other aspects in a comprehensive and detailed manner, and implemented them effectively.
    The convening of this meeting has created favorable conditions for project design and subsequent work, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.



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