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The First Case in South China! Tailwater Power Generation Project in Guangdong Officially Put into Operation



Guangrun Technology fully participates in the construction and professional subcontracting project of mechanical and electrical equipment: The tailwater power generation project of the sewage treatment plant of Shantou Chenghai Water Purification Plant in Guangdong is connected to the grid for one-time power generation, achieving complete unmanned operation!

Guangrun Technology fully participates in the construction and professional subcontracting project of mechanical and electrical equipment:

The tailwater power generation project of the sewage treatment plant of Shantou Chenghai Water Purification Plant in Guangdong is connected to the grid for one-time power generation, achieving complete unmanned operation!

On the morning of July 3, the first tailwater power generation project of Guangdong Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Environmental Protection Group") was officially put into operation at Chenghai Sewage Treatment Plant in Shantou City. This project is the first tailwater power generation project in South China. It is a major technological breakthrough made by Guangdong Environmental Protection Group in promoting resource recycling, opening up a new path for tailwater recycling, and providing a reference model for water resource recycling in Guangdong Province. The group practiced Xi Jinping's thought on ecological civilization and promoted the construction of a green, low-carbon and circular development economic system.

Tailwater power generation is a kind of green and clean energy that utilizes the effluent discharge drop of sewage treatment plants to generate electricity. The project does not need to consume fuel resources, nor release pollutants, waste materials, nor produce greenhouse gases to damage the atmospheric environment, and it can also promote the utilization of tailwater resources, protect the ecological environment, further save energy and reduce emissions, reduce carbon and pollution, and have obvious social and economic benefits.

The project was jointly developed by Guangye Environmental Protection Group, a subsidiary of Guangdong Environmental Protection Group, and Guangdong Zhengcheng Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengcheng Company"), a national high-tech enterprise, breaking through the bottleneck of high water level drop and large project investment in traditional hydropower generation , creatively realize 3.5-meter ultra-low water head power generation, and design automatic speed regulation technology, automatically adjust frequency and power according to changes in water volume, and realize unattended power generation. "Carbon reduction and pollution reduction are the key to promoting the construction of ecological civilization. Mastering the core technology of tailwater power generation is of great significance for us to promote the transformation and upgrading of our main green and environmental protection business." Xie Jiawei, leader of the Guangdong Environmental Protection Group Xie Jiawei Talent Innovation Studio said, "The tailwater power generation is quite different from the original production technology of the sewage treatment plant, which puts forward higher requirements for our technological innovation and project research."

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, Guangye Environmental Protection Group took the opportunity of carrying out the theme education to set up a project team to overcome difficulties and promote the progress of the project, and effectively transform the learning effect of the theme education into a strong driving force and specific actions to promote the green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the enterprise. Members of Xie Jiawei Talent Innovation Studio and Zhengcheng Company professionals form a technical research team to reverse the construction period plan, establish a list of key tasks and important nodes, clarify the division of labor and assign responsibilities to people, and overcome poor equipment compatibility, design errors, and large professional spans one by one. A series of difficulties, to ensure that the project is advanced on time and with high quality, through active docking with the equipment design team in advance, combined with the actual situation of Chenghai sewage treatment plant, to continuously optimize the design plan, accelerate technological innovation, effectively reduce input costs, and further expand the scope of application.

Chenghai Sewage Treatment Plant has a designed total capacity of 190,000 tons/day, and the first and second phases have been completed. The current water volume is 105,000 tons/day. According to the trial operation records, the power generation output is 22 kilowatts, the daily power generation is 510 kWh, and the annual power generation is 190,000 kWh. Next, innovative work such as impeller optimization and airtightness improvement of power generation facilities will be carried out. Combined with the increase in water volume in the third phase, the power generation efficiency will be further improved, and the power generation output will be increased to 50 kilowatts. . "Currently, we are developing 2.0 and 3.0 upgraded versions. The next step is to develop in the direction of miniaturization, integration, and intelligence. The products can be applied to most sewage treatment plants, and it can also be applied to low-head rivers in rural areas. Provide more green and reliable energy for the high-quality development of Guangdong." Chen Yishuan, general manager of Zhengcheng Company, is full of confidence in the market prospect.

"The tailwater power generation project has good economic, social and ecological benefits. I hope that it can be better promoted and applied in the future, and contribute to Shantou's path of 'establishing an industrial city and strengthening the city' and promoting the practice of Chinese-style modernization in Shantou, the power of state-owned enterprises." Chen Yugan, deputy director of Shantou Science and Technology Bureau, fully affirmed the project. Zhang Xiuzhong, deputy secretary of the party committee, director and chairman of the labor union of Guangdong Environmental Protection Group, said: "The success of the tailwater power generation project is a vivid practice of Guangdong Environmental Protection Group to learn the essence of ideology, strengthen party spirit, and strive to polish the brand of state-owned enterprises. State-owned enterprises are the important material foundation and political foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, shouldering the glorious economic responsibility, political responsibility and social responsibility, we must insist on strengthening management against the market, dare to face the market, and embrace the market. We must focus on resolving difficulties and pain points in production and operation, concentrating on issues such as blocking blind spots, focusing on the "six major brands of trade unions" and concentrating on "ten major party building practices", we will continue to deepen and refine various management tasks, focus on practice, build new achievements, and promote development, forming a good mechanism and maturity model to promote the transformation and upgrading of Guangdong Environmental Protection Group and achieve high-quality development.”

Guangdong Environmental Protection Group will continue to carry out in-depth theme education, more consciously shoulder the important task of being the main force in the ecological construction of Green and Beautiful Guangdong, make up for weaknesses and promote advantages, focus on developing the main business of "big environment", coordinate "whole ecological" governance, and deepen the layout of the "whole industry chain", builds two modern industrial systems of green environmental protection and manufacturing at a high level, strives to build a first-class green development benchmark enterprise in the country, and contributes wisdom and strength to create a modern Guangdong model where man and nature live in harmony.


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